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Olympas Windows and Doors offers the best window products currently available on the market, whose beauty, durability and innovative features will quickly meet your requirements for comfort, energy efficiency and quality. We continually search to obtain the top of the industries breakthrough in the window and door world. Being able to seek and offer new technologies is another great way to show our clients our determination to offer them what’s best.

PVC windows

Made of opaque white plastic, the PVC windows are very popular with our customers because of their many practical features and reasonable prices. Highly adaptable and easy to maintain and install.

In addition to inhibiting heat transfer, PVC windows also help to dampen sound. If you live in a busy area, it’s nice to be able to tune out the sounds of the city outside the safe haven that is your home. 

PVC windows, when combined with double-glazed window glass can help cut down on noise by nearly 80%!

Unlike some window materials, PVC windows don’t require any special care to get that long life. Forget about lacquering or polishing your window frames. Just sponge them off with soapy water every once in a while and they’ll remain looking new for years!

Without a doubt, the main advantage of PVC windows is their plastic construction, which offers enhanced resistance to weather damage, impacts and wear and tear.

Several models available:

Hybrid windows

We offer hybrid windows as a great solution for your home. This type of windows are the result of a technological innovation, the combination of aluminum and PVC, the two materials most commonly used in making windows. While the inside of the window is made of PVC to maximize energy efficiency, the outside frame is clad in aluminum, which adds to the attractiveness of the windows and gives them unrivalled durability, owing to the strength of this modern material. In short, this combination lets you enjoy the advantages of both plastic and metal at the best price/performance ratio!

Several models available:

Patio doors

Decko patio doors are among the most reliable on the market. Made mostly of PVC, the material most commonly used for windows because of its high energy efficiency and durability, they open and close from both sides, are equipped with a high-security mortise lock, need practically no maintenance and come with a screen and an anti-lift sash. Different sizes and options are available depending on the model you want.

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Various types of doors

Alumican offers a vast variety of door models. No matter what you are looking for, there’s a comprehensive catalogue containing the dimensions, colours and styles available for each model. Customers can also customize their door by choosing the type of glass (square, satin opaque, screen, delta satin, diamond, master line, flute-lite, etc.), as well as the type of material for the caming (zinc, patina and brass).

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