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About us

Olympas Windows and Doors is a service-oriented regional business that has been committed to serving its customers in the Montreal region since 2008. Focusing on providing unmatched quality and customer service, we carry out extensive research to meet our customers’ needs so that we can offer the finest products at the best possible prices. We are not tied to a specific supplier, which means that we are free to look for the most advantageous offers for the best products from many manufacturers throughout the province and pass the savings on to our customers. This flexibility in choice is what sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to thrive in our industry.


Having gained extensive experience as the production director for a well-known door and window factory in the east of Montreal from 2003 to 2008, founder and president John Kuchta decided to venture out on his own and founded the business Olympas Windows and Doors in 2008. Since then, Mr. Kuchta has been using his skills and expertise in the door and window sector to serve the Montreal region.

What sets us apart from the rest

  1. We have no obligation to any one manufacturer or product and will search high and low to find the best possible deals for the best possible products for our clients.
  2. From 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday we always answer the phones. You will never speak to a machine. We will never waste your time.
  3. We will have a window and door specialist at your home for a free consultation within 24 hours of your first contact with us.
  4. Our specialists are not just salespeople, being a specialist means that they have hands on experience in the installation of windows and doors. They thoroughly understand the process.
  5. The specialist that you deal with at first will oversee the entire process from purchase to installation and that specialist will always be readily available and will be frequently present during the installation process.
  6. Our reputation for excellence means everything to us and we will continue to strive to keep that reputation spotless.

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